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   Welcome to HD - Studios also known as Hunny Designs a freelance design company. I    specialize strictly in graphic and web design services. I offer professional layout designs and    coding. I design pretty much anything you bring my way but I must warn you that my creative    mind takes me to a really cool place so I put 100 percent in all of my designs and enjoy meeting    the vision of my clients in my creativity design world. I'm very proficient in photoshop and coding    in HTML/CSS and I also love 3d designs as well as animation and I love Typography.

   I have been building my experience in Flash as well as Illustrator. I also work with audio and    video editing and enjoy playing around in jquery/javascript from time to time. When I think of    designing I completely smile inside as its my first passion and I'm looking forward to one day    working with a graphic/web design team because I'm totally a team player. I'm also a writer and    working on a new fantasy novel. This place will not be used as a blog but above the table is a    direct link to my blog that is coming soon. Now by all means please take your time to browse    around and if you are interested in my services please visit the contact section of the site.