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   Hello my name is Jessica Lucas and I'm an American mother and wife from the Washington,    DC area. I have had a passion for design for many years and decided to make a career of it 7    years ago. I returned to school in 2010 and I'm currently seeking my Bachelor of Fine Arts    degree in Digital Media Production with a current GPA average of 3.65. I'm expected to graduate    in 2013 and I'm looking forward to learning more along the way during my education. So far I    have taken Web Design 1-3, Digital Illustration, Interactive Media, Designing with Type and so    much more.

    I have done logo designs, cd designs, twitter backgrounds, fully coded web pages, wordpress    themes, flyers, business logos, etc. During my freetime of course I love learning new design    programs and especially enjoy visiting design magazine web pages to not only read what's up    in the design world but to also learn new tutorials to expand my knowledge in this field. I also    love spending time with my family, singing, writing, and working out. My zodiac sign is a Leo so    I'm pretty much multitalented and very generous and love working with other designers. Thanks    for taking the time to read a little about me :)!!!